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Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee with Mr. Deepak Singh

Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee and Mr. Deepak Singh of NRI Welfare Society of India



 Shree Prakash Gossaiji and Mahantji Dr. Baliram Chadee



Steve Persad, Deo Koonbeharry, Cindy Gomes and Anthony Gomes


MP Mark Holland, Dr. Balliram Chadee, Mayor Steve Parish and Joanne Dies



 Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee with Pt. Shreekantha Acharya 



Ontario Lt. Governor Hon David Onley, Dr.Balliram Chadee and Minister Michael Chan
at the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship ceremony honoring Dr. Balliram Chadee



Late Shree Prakash Gossaiji and group being recognized by Dr. Balliram Chadee
during official launch of The Hanuman Mission @ First Ever LIVE Tribute to Hanuman



 Dr Balliram Chadee, Merle Chadee Cindy Gomes and Eon Gomes



Mr and Mrs Sokhoo from Kitcchener with Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee




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