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We hosted our Land Blessing, Tree planning,  Hanumanji Puja and Hanuman Jayanti celebrations on Thursday April 21st, 2016 from 9:30am. This took place on Top of the Mountain, in Providence, Tobago, on the 4 lots of land we received in 2015. Thanks to those who joined us.


This project was coordinated by Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee Tor @ 416-992-2487 or T&T 868-377-7383


Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee on behalf of The Hanuman Mission takes this opportunity to extend another privilege to our viewing audience to assist with this Request for Financial Assistance to keep bringing the Voice of The Hanuman Mission with " The Hanuman Chaleesa" and our Weekly Educational Segment, "The Beauty of Knowing" on TV for 2018. We are seen every Saturday morning at 8:00am to 8:15am on CHEX 12, Bell FIBE 235 and Rogers Digital 129. We also bring 40 Golden Verses of Shree Hanuman Chaleesa on Radio Jaagriti, in Trinidad and Tobago, every Saturday morning at 9:00am TT time. We are asking 121 supporters to donate to this cause with $121 each, for sponsoring one chanting of 121 Hanuman Chaleesas. You can contact me directly Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee @ 416-992-2487 or email mahantji11@gmail for further details. In Trinidad and Tobago, please contact Indra Emmanuel on 1-868-272-4256


Thank you in Hanumanji's Name.





The Hanuman Mission is growing and at this stage is planning various activities to achieve our objectives and mission, based on the initial reason for our establishment. We welcome all donations, in good faith, to the upliftment of our Culture, Faith, Heritage, Social Support Services, Outreach Initiatives, Community Services, and Dharma. Donations may include but not limited to Money, Books, Musical Instruments, Computer Equipment and Academic Expertise (Music, Singing, Dancing, Teaching, Social Service Workers, Accountants, and other Professional Skills, which can help) as well as Hindi and Sanskrit Language Instruction. We invite you to become a Member of The Hanuman Mission or make a Donation towards our future endeavors. You can also register for donating a specialized skill or expertise, which might be required for our future facility establishment.


You can now make a Financial Contribution towards our “Building Fund or TV Program” directly into our Bank Account, on line, using a very secured method in the Financial Industry. Please click on the link "Donate through Paypal", then click the"Donate" button and help a very historic worthy cause. You can Sponsor the  "Hanuman Chaleesa" or our Weekly Educatioal Segment entitled: The Beauty of Knowing"on CHEX Television 12, Rogers Digital 129 and Bell FIBE TV 235 every Saturday morning at 8:00am on Masala TV, brought to you by The Hanuman Mission and Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee; another historic initiative in Canada by us. You can Donate a Ramayan to be placed in one of the Hospital Chapels in Ontario as part of a Special Initiative called "PROJECT RAMAYAN". This project would ensure that a Ramayan or Hindu Sacred Text, is placed alongside the other religious texts in every single hospital in Ontario.- No other Hindu Organization or Temple has ever done an Initiative of this magnitude in the History of Canada yet; we are the FIRST.


You can make a “HAND for HANUMAN” Project donation, which is a ONE TIME contribution of $500 Cdn. This entire contribution is directed to a special account for our building Fund and will NOT be Used for anything else but the purpose it was identified for. This donation will give you a Plaque to be mounted on the Sponsors Wall of our Temple Lobby. We are finalizing our Property Acquisition Transaction and are now ready to make a purchase. We appreciate your help towards this Historic Endeavour and thank you in advance for your donations to see a unique piece of Canadian History created in the Town of Ajax and a Landmark Milestone established in Canada for the world to enjoy.


Please call Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee at 416-992-2487 or Trinidad @ 868-377-7383 or any member in your area.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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