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The Hanuman Mission has various Projects underway, as well as many others planned for future execution. We are the ONLY ORGANIZATION in Canada, who has dedicated itself to serving Hanumanji, as demonstrated and confirmed by our legal and registered name and the services we have provided thus far. We are also affiliated with The Hanuman Mission of Trinidad and Tobago Inc.


 Some of the current projects are:


* Hanuman Chaleesas distribution (5000 copies to date in book format)
* Hospital Hindu Chaplaincy Coverage (over 12 hospitals)
* Sacred Ramayan Texts to be put in all Hospitals Chapels in Ontario
* “Hand for Hanuman” Dedication Wall (fundraising initiative)
* Feed the Needy Food Drives

* Diversity and Multifaith Awareness

* Hanuman Chaleesa on Mainstream Canadian TV every Saturday

* Search for Permanent Home for The First Hanuman Temple in Ajax

* Weekly Educational Segment on TV called " Beauty of Knowing"

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