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Mahantji Speaks

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Mahantji Speaks.


Sharing a Beautiful Message sent to me by a Very Dear Friend. Lessons for All in this Msg. I Do Not Own the Rights to the Music or Video, just sharing for benefit for Humanity.

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Mahantji Speaks.


Today I would just like to say Thank You to My Caring FB Friends, whose Respect, Admiration or Appreciation for What I Do, makes a Difference to Their Lives. For Those who Send Me Daily Positive Greetings and Blessings, Thank You. Nothing is Guaranteed in Life. The Least We Can Do, is Make a Difference to Someone Else. We Never Know Who We Will Meet or When We Will Meet Others in Our Lives. Everyone We Meet, has a Purpose. Good or Bad, but there is Always a Reason. Keep Your Energy Positive. Destroy the Negative Vibes around You. Seek New Pathways for Peace. Bring Yourself to Serenity and Contentment. Feel Calmness within You. Always Remember, NO ONE BUT YOU, Can Make YOU Happy. Blessed Friday to All My Caring Supportive FB Friends. May Your Families be Protected by Your Lord.


Mahantji Speaks.


Life is Very Unpredictable They Say. Everyone has a Time on Earth They also Say. Our Destiny is also Written others Say. So much WE Hear, yet we Don’t Listen. Life is Very Short My Friends. Place Your Faith in God. Please Your Trust in God. Place Your Happiness in Yourself. Blessings to Everyone. Special Prayer for All Those who Lost a Loved One Recently. May Your Lord Place His Healing Hands over US All

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