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Updated March 6th, 2020


Directors listed below are the Current Members of the Board of Directors, who continued to serve as Directors, as of March 5th, 2020. Anyone NOT Listed here, is NOT a Director of The Hanuman Mission. Please contact Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee on 416-992-2487, if you are aware of any information, other than what is listed here.


The Hanuman Mission is currently operating under the management of a Board of Directors, and guidance from an Executive Council, all with a sincere desire and interest in the promotion and propagation of Humanism, Humanitarianism and Hanumanism. The Board of Directors, in collaboration with the Executive Council may appoint additional Committees as required or necessary for projects, activities, events, functions or initiatives for the sustenance of the organization.

Current members of the Board of Directors are:


Mahantji Dr. Balliram Chadee, Bhimdath Dookie, Mala Ramdeo, Avesh Chadee, Cindy Gomes, Larry Bhagwandeen and Aarti Chadee.

The Board of Directors, with the Founding Directors, in its initial meeting, had also Approved an Executive Council, to assist with the overall strategic vision and future management of The Hanuman Mission.


The Executive Council: is made up of Five Permanent Lifetime Members (who were the Founding or First Directors), appointed by the Board of Directors, during its Initial meeting, according to the By Laws, to ensure compliance, continuity and overall successful execution of the mandates of the Charity Objectives. These members were given Executive Lifetime Privileges and were also mandated to oversee the Life Interests of the Organization and it's success in compliance to the Charity and its Charitable Objects. The Executive Council on July 29th, 2013 at a special majority meeting, appointed Mr. Avesh Chadee to become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Avesh Chadee was appointed a Lifetime Member on the Executive Council, to replace the Late Mr. Bisnath Chadee, who was a Founding Director and who died in Sept 2012.


For the most current details and updated information on our listed directors, on our charity, please feel free to visit Charity Directorate site

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